Are you ready to use these 5 tips to achieve powerful product launches ?

We all love a Mystery right? 

Since childhood, we have grown up on stories like Hansell and Grettal, when we want to know what the truth is, behind the mystery. Its in our nature, most of us want to know. When we are watching a horror movie, we don’t want to know whats behind the door, but we still watch it! The reason is, the storyteller has our attention and this is very powerful in business.

If you can create Mystery in your product, it is a great way to get your audience’s interest. To my mind, no one did this better than Apple, in a time when marketing was still fairly immature and straight forward, they launched a think different campaign, which didn’t tell you much about the product specification, but focussed on the fact that their products were different from the rest.

Steve Jobs went on to the same thing with his NeXT, a concept computer, that many say he was promoting even though he did not have an operating system! The mystery he created was so strong that in 1996 Apple bought the company (and opened up the opportunity for his return to Apple) for c$400m.

So what does this exactly mean?

Well, it is not as simple as saying nothing about your product. There has to be more. Apple have done this successfully for decades now, they get people lining up for their product, even if they have not touched the product yet !!!

Lets talk about how this is done;

1. The concept of the iPod was to do away with limitation of the CD player, if your CD was scratched or you were jogging, it didn’t work so well, so MP3 players become popular. The iPod was not just a MP3 player though, it was revolutionising the industry. It was creating a standard that everyone else would have to be measured by. The language used set it completely apart from other MP3 players and so justified the extra cost of it.

2. With all their products, they are not launching a new product, they are changing your life. They were not just launching the iphone, they are making your life better with a product that makes what you want to do easier and simpler “Do all of this with 1 button”. Again, the language used made it very personal to an individual.

3. Now its not just enough that Apple are promoting the product, they do pre- work with selected people who can then go on and blog about it themselves. Often the pre-work starts without a physical demo, somethings the conversation is about what the product is going to effect, so the journalists and bloggers go away and predict what the product will actually do. All of this creates additional mystery in the marketplace.

4. Now all of this is in place, Apple will give a launch date – so people are now waiting for this new product that no-one has seen or touched yet, but we know is going to change our lives. The Launch will be an event. People will set their calendars accordingly to find out more about this.

5. Finally, you will have the chance to Pre-Order it. In the rush to be part of the revolution, you want to be at the front of the revolution.


Most importantly, the product you do deliver must be good and meets or exceeds expectations. If you can replicate this process that Apple has mastered, then you can also get similar success in achieving amazing product launches.