Are you Shouting and not Listening?

Is this you? Not sure?

Well, are you consistency telling everyone you know that your company and your services are amazing. Are you creating traditional media and social media and sending out newsletters and other publications on a regular basis. Are you going to lots of networking events and speaking to people.

Despite doing this, do you find that there is still not a queue of people lining up to enquire about your products or services? You may have the energy and drive, but you are probably finding yourself wasting a lot of your time.

It maybe that you are in fact guilty of Shouting and not Listening.

So if you look in the mirror, you will probably notice that you actually have 1 mouth, but 2 eyes and 2 ears. Have you thought about using them, in that proportion? Have you thought have observing your customers, listening to what they are saying, what their issues are, BEFORE you start telling them about your own business.
It’s a common fault, that many people do, they are so eager to talk about what they think is relevant, but in reality the person who you are talking to, may not agree. Maybe they have a specific issue right now, or a problem that needs attention. If you have not given them the chance to tell you about it, how do you know which of your product’s or case studies you should be sharing.

If you take this approach, it will make your Pitch a lot easier, because you will now be using the words and talking about the issues that this person wants to know about. They will suddenly pay a lot more attention to what you are talking about, because it’s a lot more relevant to them.

This applies to your traditional and social media as well. You should know your target customer, so you should be able to observe and listen to them as part of your market research (remember this is a key part of Marketing !!!!). Having done your homework, use the data, analyse it to produce more meaningful messages that will engage your audience better.

So, back to my earlier question; are you Shouting or Listening? Is there something different you can do going forward?