Corporate Clients

The transformation of Finance Processes and IT applications for EDF Energy was a complex and challenge project. The project required the delivery of complex requirements from the Nuclear Energy industry in tight timescales across multiple locations.

  • “He displayed great leadership skills on the Fusion Project and was well regarded by the business”

Naeem worked on several projects as part of JLR’s Global Business Expansion campaign in difference capacities. As a Solution Architect he was responsible for the Conceptual Design and a Solution Lead he was responsible for managing the delivery of projects.

  • “He is a strategic thinker who listens and applies business strategies to deliver robust business processes which deliver business benefits”
  • “Naeem is very analytical, and constructive and generally pro-active in his approach to work”
  • “We achieved various milestones (Go-lives) purely due to his professionalism towards work and his brilliance. He acted as a great mentor and I learned a lot from him during our interactions, for which I would be always thankful to him.”

The transformation of Business Processes and applications for Birmingham City Council has led the reduction in total operational costs and efficiencies across the City. Naeem was engaged in the role of Service Delivery Manager and took ownership of a large team on onshore and offshore resources in order to deliver massive change to the City.

  • “Naeem provided some exemplarily consulting services to my wider team and did not disappoint any of us senior stakeholders, he managed us professionally and was able to deliver again and again.
  • “Naeem worked on the largest local government project for HR and Payroll and Naeem was the fountain of all knowledge. I don’t think it would of gone as smooth without Naeem’s wealth of knowledge”.
  • “Naeem was very good at managing service delivery at Birmingham and was very professional in his manner”.