Understanding the 3 different forms of Marketing Message

Firstly – Awareness building

Here you are talking about the industry, or about issues or opportunities
You could start by sharing someone else’s posts on topics that relate to your area ‘sainsburys makes changes to its lunch time meal deal’ … People are reading it because it interests them, it affects them …. So you are identifying people who maybe interested in your product / service without ever trying to sell anything or say anything about your company or products

This is important in order to identify people and also clarify the market you think you understand

Secondly – Relationship building

Here, you are showing how you have some expertise in this area so you are communicating somethings you have done or seen or advised on.

You are sharing your knowledge for free ….. You are confirming that you have expertise in this area

So maybe publish ‘5 tips of the type of ….’

Or share some videos – on some of the work you are doing and the outcomes you deliver

Thirdly – The Offer … And this needs to be soft

Here you start talking about your service offerings, your products and services . Without really talking about prices … Focus on how you can provide your outcomes … I would consider creating some soft sales originally, with limited opportunity sales – I have 5 for sale.

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