The Customer always comes first

“You can please some people some of the time, but never expect to please everyone all of the time”

If you are in business, Is the Customer Always right? Maybe not, but it is important to keep your Customer avatar in your mind at all times and be Customer Focussed.


Our Business Basics First ® (BBF) methodology has Customer First as a core module where we encourage you to focus on your customer in everything you do – we say that the Customer must always come first – but the important thing to be clear on who your customer is and accept that you cannot please everyone on the planet.

We always say, start with the Customer, the Customer Experience and the Customer benefit – then work backwards in order to do be of value to them – importantly be clear who you want to be of value to.

Without this important starting position, you will always find that you are doing things that people don’t want or need. Too many organisations are marvelling in their own brilliance – taking amazing things to market, but then cannot understand why there is not a queue of people outside their door trying to buy it. The Cloud has changed so many things in the last 5 years, we probably cannot list everything down. The reality is that the people who invented Cloud technology won’t be as successful as the people who use the technology to solve problems.


To solve customer problems, you need to think of your Customers as people first. Then think about how you can bring them value, the product will now sell itself.

A great example of this is how Microsoft launched the Tablet PC in 2002 and the Surface in 2012 … neither had the impact on the market that the iPad had. The difference being, the iPad was pitched as life changing, life enriching and a must have item in your hand. It was easier to use, it was cool and it was positioned as something we had to buy. If we look into the mind of Steve Jobs we see that he understood this concept and his business was not just about the technology.

“The Strategy and Vision for Apple is based around what incredible benefits can be given to the customer, not sitting with the engineers and figuring out what awesome technology we have and how can we market that”

Steve Jobs


At a recent seminar, we listened eagerly to the presenters who were shared their golden nuggets of information about how customer experience can be delivered right first time. Having heard the CEO’s and Commercial Directors from some major corporations stand up and tell us how they were leading the way in Customer Service, something stayed in our minds and became the topic of discussion at the team briefing the next morning;

There were no magic beans or no secret sauce in this space in any of the presentations – it was very Basic;

  • Treat people *(customers) as you would want to be treated
  • Put their needs before your own
  • Don’t think of yourself as B2B or B2C, be a People-to-People business
  • Listen to what they say and do pay attention to their actions; especially when they are complaining to learn from it
  • Listen to what they say and do pay attention to their actions; especially when they are buying to learn from it


BBF is all about being brilliant at the basics. At the core is a simple concept;

Make your Customers the North Star of everything you do, as without customers you do not have a business.

Business Basics First ®

So when mapping out your product or service strategy, put your target customer at the center and see things from their point of view. If you do this, you will find that customers will come to you and you won’t have to work so hard to find them.


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