Customer Relationship Management



Customer acquisition and retention remain two of the most common challenges that business face. We believe that most businesses fail at this because they do not focus enough on their Customers and this is why we have developed our Customer First solution – click HERE to read more. A key tool in overcoming these challenges is to have in place a CRM tool that will not only collate all the data about your prospects and customers, but also empower you to interact with them on a pro-active basis.


Why does your business need a CRM?

Sales is much more than an exchange of good & services for money; it is the constant creation of ongoing relationships beneficial to all parties involved. CRMs help you develop these relationships, as well as:

  • Promote executive comfort with visibility into backlogs, pipelines, and dollars sold
  • Enable sales leadership through accountability: forecast, strategize, see detail within your processes without having to micromanage
  • Unleash sales productivity: leverage standardised tools & assigned sales processes; manage tasks effectively & utilise templates and customisable dashboards

We work with ZOHO as it offers an affordable, customisation and scalable toolkit to SME organisations. Contact us today to find our more about our ZOHO Toolkit and how we can get you up and running in hours.

The best way to fully understand Zoho, is to setup a free account and try it out for yourselves on a 30 day trial.

During this time, we will share some recorded webinars with you and also be available to offer you advice and support.


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