3 Reasons why businesses need Consultancies

Organisations of varying sizes will reach out to Consultancies to come into their organisations and work with them. Either in an advisory capacity, or in a delivery capacity, the right consultancy could be the game changer that takes your organisation to the next level.

1. You need some expertise that you don’t have in house, you are trying to do something you do not currently do

The most common reason for engaging consultants is to bring in some expertise into your organisation that you do not currently have. As an example, maybe you know you need improve your Customer Service, but may not know what “good customer service” looks like, in which case you want to bring in some experts who can talk to you from an expert point of view. Don’t think of the day rate this is costing you, analyse the Value or Outcome you are going to get from this and understand the long term profitability form this engagement.

2. You need an external perspective, as your stakeholders want to hear the advice of an external expert.

In many cases, you want to bring in external people who can give you an external prospective on your current performance. Internally, people can become very blinkered and not understand where they are not performing at their best. If often needs an external person to come in and highlight the areas where you can improve, importantly though, this needs to be someone who has the right experience. Someone who can tell you how the industry leaders are operating. You really want them to tell you about best practice and how they have done this with other clients and show tangible results.

3. You need some additional resources to help something done

Often, change can only be enabled by a team of people who will be able to do a lot of hours of work, in a short period of time. If you try and go out to recruit additional resources, this can be difficult and also an added overhead on your own organisation. The easier option is to take on the services of a consultancy, who will ensure they bring on the right resources to complete the job. They will handle all the headache of making sure the right people with the right skills are on your project, normally because they should have those people already in their own organisation.

The old saying is, if you think professionals are expensive, wait till you try amateurs. If you think that all consultants are overpriced or do not add value, then you may have previously experienced the wrong type of consultancy. It’s always important to look for reference clients or case studies to understand what work they have done before.

Engaging consultancies is the approach taken by a lot of organisations around the world and for the reasons and advice I have mentioned above, its proven to deliver results.