3 reasons why you are not converting as many deals as you would like to

Many people start a business and expect Customers to just turn up. Unless you have paid a lot of (effective) marketing or have paid a premium for a site where there is significant footfall, sometimes the money just does not come in. Here are 3 of the more common reasons why you may not be selling or converting as much as you would like to.

3) Build trust

You have not yet built up enough trust with potential customers, so they are not yet willing to buy – instead you have tried to make them an offer to buy your products or services. For higher prices items, customers need to be sure of who you are and what proofs exist about your organisation.

Consider; more testimonials, reviews, demonstrations, promo videos or some other way of the customer being able to be assured of you credibility before they buy. Understand that you need to be first known and secondly trusted by a potential customer, before they maybe willing to buy from you. Have you spent enough time, building a brand in areas that they tend to hangout?

2) I have no idea what you actually sell?

People need to understand what you actually sell and they need to be sure what they are going to get from your. Often the pitch is not clear enough, or specific enough “I am a mindset coach” or “we are a carpet warehouse” (and yet when I go inside, there are beds, blinds and furniture in store). Be clear on who you are, this may mean you need to be more specific. You may worry that you will lose out on some customers by being more specific, but in fact, you will become known for being the “go-to” business in that sector if you do this right.

Consider; Do you explain clearly your expertise, or niche? can you show, clearly the results or after effects of buying your products or service. Would it be better to not tell people about your label, but instead to talk about what effect you have on your customers?

1) You are not speaking to the right audience

The most common mistake is that you are not speaking to, or advertising your services to the right kind of audience. You have a Sales Mastermind course and you are pitching it to a Launderette. You make the best hovercrafts in the world and you trying to sell it to people who live 200 miles away from the sea.

Consider; creating that clear customer profile, then focussing your marketing spend on just advertising your business to them. Be brave enough to realise that you don’t need to target the 5 million businesses in the UK, but instead, you need to focus on those businesses who have a Sales Director (so are big enough to afford your services). If you have £3,000 advertising budget, instead of spreading it to be visible to 5 million business, invest it clearly on those 50 businesses who are in the travel industry and operate near the sea.

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