Bad habits become Brand habits

Something that happens all too often is that businesses are not ready to do business at the advertised time. This morning, I got the kids up to the local barbers to be first in queue so that I could get other things done in the day. My time is valuable, so I planned ahead.

We arrived at 10:50, and found 1 other person in the queue already, by 10:58, there was 5 of us. The sign clearly says Opening Hours 11-4, so where are they? I was hoping to see a few of them here setting up.  Behind me I can hear customers complaining before the hair cut itself –  a couple of people are talking about how ‘they never open on time’.

At 11:10 a couple of Barbers turn up to a queue of 7 customers waiting. Despite seeing a queue, they still seem to be moving at a pedestrian pace to open up and move.

Your brand is what people associate with the kind of product or service you deliver. Their brand is obviously ‘we regularly open late.’

They should have been setting up at 10:50, to serve at 11:05, I think I would have accepted that. Instead I am not pleased. They still have time to turn this around though, so lets see.

It takes another 5 mins before the physically let us in the shop.

The problem here is that bad habits become bigger problems if not checked.

At 11:18 hear 1 barber say ‘who’s first’. There’s been ‘sorry to keep you waiting’ or acknowledgement for being late. The 2nd barber is actually sending a text message, whilst setting up their chair and now a 3rd barber has also turned up.

We get called at 11:22, so we have been waiting for more than 30 mins, having got here on time and only being 2nd in queue. I am already drafting up this blog in my mind thinking I want to tell people about this experience.

Will I come back here again? Probably not.

I will exercise my right to select who to give my custom to. If they don’t value my time, why should I give them my business – there’s nothing special are memorable about these guys. More importantly, there do not seem that concerned about making me happy or satisfied.

As a Business Owner – what Service Standards do you set? Do you have them written down? Do you follow them?

Standards are set at the top of an organisation and then they filter down. They become the behaviours or Culture that the organisation becomes known for. Great Culture beats any Strategy that you may have. I go the extra mile as often as I can, so my team know the standards I expect. I will sometimes pick up the vacuum and the duster in in the office or on the shop floor. I will also treat my team, the same way, I will expect them to treat our customers.

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