Nike to launch new Customer Experience

How Nike is setting new standards for Retail with its NikeiD in-Store experience

We always talk about standing out from the crowd by doing something different, something special. Well Nike is about to go global with its latest Innovation that is sure to get big headlines. Using simple enough technology, Nike is about to roll out a Friendly, Fun and Customer specific personalisation experience that is sure to be a huge hit.

Have you ever been to buy trainers and not been completely sold on the designs on offer? Well now Nike is giving you this option; You Design It, They Make it and get them delivered to your door between 3-5 weeks later. This represents the ultimate in personalisation of products that customers are sure to not only love, but also brag about to their friends, leading to even more sales for Nike.

We met representatives of Smart Pixels at the recent Retail Business Technology Expo 2017, where we talked to them about the new technology available to retailers to create a new shopping experience.

Augmented reality is using technology to superimpose a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, so creating a view of what the product would look like once made.

In 2016 Nike introduced two augmented video mapping devices in some of its Paris stores, with the aim to allow customers to customise and personalise AirMax, LunarEpic Low and Cortez models through interacting with a tablet device. The use of augmented video mapping devices is bridging the gap between online customisation, allowing customers to personalise their favourite shoes and clothing. With the help of Smart Pixels Nike are able to create a completely personal, unrivalled and only channel experience in their stores.

Augmented reality shopping

Augmented mapping technology has given retailers the opportunity to improve their digital strategy physically in-store, by offering its customers an innovative and memorable customer experience. This new experience can help to enhance the brand even more and give more life and energy to its products and stores.

The introduction of augmented shopping experiences will create a more customer focused experience, giving customers a very personal interaction as well as offering customers smart and interactive displays that reflect the customer’s own preferences and vision. Customers will be able to walk into your store and know that they will not be limited to the normal lines of clothing or styles of shoes, but taking products they love and making them more personal, which previously had only been seen on websites or apps.

Augmented retail will allow retailers to sell more in less space, which is always a massive challenge for any bricks and mortar store. Using video mapping can reduce the amount of stock that they need to carry in store and increase the options that the manufacturer can supply. With customers being able to create their own personal products then ordering them through tablet devices results in needing less products on the shop floor or the warehouse. Retailers can also benefit from the data collected from customers and seeing where to update inventory and adapt visuals to any situation. The use of augmented technology can be low-cost and adjustable to allow for more streamline shopping.

Customers are using smartphones and tablets to share the products they buy and the experiences they have in stores on social media, not only reaching out to friends and family but also their personal social media audiences. The personalised and customisable experience they have using augmented video mapping can generate shareable and popular content on social networks, not only boosting the retailer visibility but also to expanding the online fan base and creating greater attraction to stores.

Augmented design

Some retailers may be wondering what augmented technology can do for them not only for shopping experience but also product development. With the technology seen in Nike stores, the ability to not only design new products but also test and review them is far easier than before, creating a more time saving and cost effective way of creating new products.

Saving time on product design and development will reduce the cost of the process, decision making with countless alternative designs available almost instantly as well as precisely evaluating each possibility, helping retailers find the perfect layout faster than ever before.

Retailers using augmented design are able to cut the cost of prototypes. Using one mock-up can result in multiple designs and options rather than multiple concepts being made and using a lot of material and energy.


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